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                                 WELCOME  to RSCDS Belfast Branch from our Chairman, Aileen Patterson

AIleen Chair 2016

                       WHY NOT COME ALONG AND JOIN US? Branch Logo est 1946 v2


Does lively music make you want to tap your feet? Do you want to keep fit and          enjoy social activity with friendly folk? Then why not try Scottish Country                  Dancing!  You will be made very welcome.

Days and dates of classes for 2017-18 are now on our  Classes page

Classes are always happy to welcome new members. Scottish Country Dancing is one of the most sociable activities for keeping fit and making new friends. It has been recognised by published research as providing excellent health benefits. It is suitable for all ages and is great fun to do. We are part of the world-wide Royal Scottish Country Dance Society which has members and dance activities in nearly every country in the world (  We can guarantee you will laugh and smile a lot – and that in itself is healthy!


If you are interested in visiting a class to try out Scottish country dancing, (SCD)  please do come along. Feel free to come on your own or with friends. You can be assured of a warm welcome at any of our classes or events whether you are new to SCD or an experienced dancer. Light flat shoes are about the only prerequisite –  for your own safety and comfort!  Teachers will advise and will choose dances to suit beginners as well as those for experienced dancers, while also teaching the steps and formations that are used in Scottish country dance. Classes suit  all levels of experience and for beginners/less experienced dancers we have additional  monthly classes aimed at learning the basic skills and dance formations to enable less experienced folk to participate in and enjoy the weekly classes even more. Classes run throughout the year from September to April and there are various other events across the entire year – see dates, venues and contact information for classes on Classes page.


What we do:

Scottish Country Dance classes:  Belfast Branch runs adult classes  on most week nights in and around Belfast and neighbouring towns where beginners and experienced dancers are equally welcome.    You will find information on all our classes with times and locations on our Classes page.

Events: Class Open Nights and Celebratory dances  take place during the year to commemorate St Andrew’s Night, Burns Night and other anniversaries. In summer when classes have finished, the Branch holds  Social dancing  in June, July and August.

We also organise Day/Weekend schools. You will find more details of all our upcoming events under Events.  20150502-ZX2A9235IMG_0152

WHO WE ARE: There are nearly 200  RSCDS members in our branch of RSCDS  It is managed and its activities run by an elected committee representing all the classes. Details of committee and our main classes are on our leaflet: Classes and information 2017-18

Some photos and information about us are here on this page and you can find more on the photo page

For more general  information about the Branch and Scottish Country Dancing see our Info page

Demonstrations:  The Branch also has a demonstration team which dances at a range of functions, concerts and charity events.   Information on our demonstration activities and how to book the team to entertain at an event can be found under Demonstration team – we can provide formal demonstrations and also participation events where groups can learn and enjoy easy fun dancesDSC_0208Crescent Church Event (3)




Here is some of what we have been doing over the last year ….

BRANCH AGM   24th May 2017. A successful AGM has now been and gone!  Thank you to all members who attended to air their views and support the committee and work of the branch.   For details of office bearers elected see Members’ Page.

Summer dances have been well attended and most enjoyable with a good turnout of members and friends to dance the lovely programmes devised and called by Evelyn Redmond, Lucy Mulholland and Michael Clendinning.  As ever the atmosphere was  congenial and full of fun and laughter.

OUT AND ABOUT  Since classes finished  several members have been to Summer School in St Andrews and we have visited Dublin SCD Class and had a great time at their annual dance on 13th May. Then from 18-22 MAY  a group of 12 intrepid dancers descended upon the Skye Branch Weekend and had another fun  time, catching up with David Oswald and his superb music once again. See our photos and those of other happy dancers in Skye on Derek’s website

These have been wonderful opportunities for Branch members to form and renew friendships  with dancers from across the world and to promote the love of SCD and fellowship we have through this great hobby.

Videos of  all  of the dances from our Anniversary Book are now on our YouTube channel.     

Dance No. 1 Young at Heart  32-bar jig 3 couples in 4 couple set

Dance No. 2 September in Skye  32-bar strathspey 3 couples in 3 couple longwise  set

Dance No. 3 Farewell to Portrush  32-bar jig for three couples in a 4 couple longwise set

Dance No. 4 The Wardrobe 32-bar reel 3 couples in 4 couple longwise set 

Dance No. 5 Set in Roosendaal Medley 2×32-bar strathspey and 2×32-bar jig 4 couples square set ;

Dance No.6 Rainbow’s End  32-bar reel for three couples in a four couple longwise set

Dance No. 7 The Orchards of Co. Armagh  32-bar strathspey for 3 couples in a 3 couple longwise set

Dance No. 8 A Glint in the Eye 32-bar jig for 4 couples in a 4 couple longwise set

Dance No.9 Snow in Summer 32-bar strathspey for 3 couples in a 4 couple longwise set

Dance No. 10 Platinum Skies 32-bar reel 3 couples in 4 couple longwise set

Dance No. 11 Comber Car Park: 32-bar strathspey for 3 couples in a 3 couple longwise set.

Dance No. 12 Bunker Hill 48-bar jig 4 couples square set ;

Dance No. 13 The Lonely Honeybee  32-bar reel 3 couples in 4 couple longwise set

Dance No. 14 Humours of California 32-bar strathspey for 3 couples in a 4 couple longwise set


ELMA MCCAUSLAND  MBE    The leaflet of dances to honour Elma’s award of MBE in the 2017 New Year Honours  is now available – together with the CD of the dance devised by Lucy Mulholland “Elma McCausland MBE” with original tune  by Marian Anderson  and recorded by her along with the tune “Cecil McCausland” by Nan Main, also appropriate for the dance  as an alternative tune for the dance. Cecil was Elma’s devoted husband and companion of many years and a much loved  member and exceptionally talented dancer of Belfast Branch, who contributed to its demonstration team and activities in his own inimitable style.   The dance is also on video here  The leaflet also contains the lovely strathspey by Daphne Jones “Glenoe” which she devised for Elma to celebrate her receiving the MBE at Buckingham Palace in March.  For info on Elma’s award see Members’ Page.


Our 70th Anniversary Year 2016 – see highlights on the  members page.

in case you wish to re-live the excitement! Scottish Country dance enthusiasts came from A’ the Airts and Pairts …. and a wonderful time was enjoyed by one and all!!!    grand-staircase-march    grand-march-3     2-marian-anderson-dance-band-at-titanic    SEE ALSO OUR PHOTO PAGE


Teaching Points Anniversary dances  now available




Royal Scottish Country Dance Society -99Royal Scottish Country Dance Society -37Royal Scottish Country Dance Society -15

ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND SCHOOL  2016   29th/30th April 2016 was a  very  successful and enjoyable event, held in the Collegiate school, Enniskillen, where again the School Principal, Miss Armstrong was so very helpful and welcoming to us. teachers , Evelyn and Mervyn, led the  GRAND MARCH – to the music of David Oswald  introduced by Michael Clendinning… and hardworking Branch committee.   See MORE PHOTOS  ON PHOTOS PAGE  !           Dancers from UK and Europe at Belfast's weekend school         TEACHERS LEAD IN GRAND MARCHcommittee 2015-16         Thank you all who came to join us over the year to make it such a fun time!   Thank you to all committee who worked so hard to make sure all went smoothly – a great team –  and a huge thank you to the  dancers from Fermanagh whose very practical help in the organisation and in so many ways  was invaluable. You can read more about the weekend too on Helen’s Blog and get the views of a participant! VIDEOS of DANCES   See our members dancing  some of the more recent RSCDS dances and some from the programmes of  our events on our You Tube channel!   Go to our Dems/Videos/cribs page  for links to the dances. As a result of a few queries we have also added a section for cribs of unpublished dances devised by Belfast Branch members to be able to respond to such requests.

Our members look forward to welcoming visitors from other Branches and all who are interested to find out more about Scottish Country Dancing and wish to share in the fun that we already know it to be! If you wish to find out more about Scottish Country Dancing and Belfast branch you will find this and useful links on our Information  page. Please do come and join us.   I look forward to welcoming you to our Branch activities! You can contact me by email.  We are also on facebook and twitter. Aileen Patterson

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