St Andrew’s Dance – Saturday 25 November 2023

This years St. Andrews dance will be held in Knockbreda Parish Church Hall, Purdy’s Lane, Belfast, BT8 7AR. We are very happy to have the Marian Anderson Scottish Dance Band to play for us this year.

The Dance Programme can be found at

Class Christmas parties

28th November 2023 – Day Class Christmas Party
30th November 2023 – Dundela Class Christmas Party
4th December 2023 – Castlereagh Class Christmas Party
5th December 2023 – Lisburn Class Christmas Party
6th December 2023 – Malone Class Christmas Party
9th December 2023 – Knockbreda Class Christmas Party

Affiliated Classes Events

15th December 2023 – Ballylesson Class Christmas Party



Dancer Achievement Award

A very happy Belfast Branch DAA Intermediate class: Congratulations to all who worked so hard and obtained their certificates.  Anne Graham put her thoughts into poetry!

I have learnt these dances as much as I can
I am dancing as Lady but revised as a Man
I’m smiling, I’m extending, I’m bending my knee
I’m looking at everyone,  it’s social you see
I’ve finished the dance now wasn’t that nice
Oh No! I’ve forgotten to do the thing twice.

Orchardville Society

A group of dancers from the Belfast branch were delighted to be asked to provide a series of one hour workshops over a 4 week period for Orchardville Society Community Inclusion Group in Bangor.

The Orchardville Society has supported over 250 people with a learning disability in the greater Belfast area in employment each year and is committed to be the leading provider of opportunities to equip people with a Learning Disability or Autism, to achieve their individual ambitions.

Lucy Mulholland, a teacher from the Belfast branch, assisted by 3 dancers, engaged the novice dancers with a fun filled programme for all to enjoy.  At the final workshop the group enjoyed demonstrating their recently learned dances to a small team from the Belfast branch who reciprocated with a short demonstration of both quick time and strathspey dances.

It was a pleasure to meet all the people in the group and we hope to be invited back soon!