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Enjoy dancing?  Love Music? Never tried Scottish country dancing before?  Is it for me?

You don’t have to be a Scot to appreciate and take part in Scottish country dancing.   It is an activity that appeals to many people of all nationalities around the world.  It can be enjoyed by all,  regardless of age or ability.  Whether or not you have danced much before, with a little effort and lots of enthusiasm you can enjoy the fun and rewards of learning something new. The thrill of dancing to traditional Scottish music is really exciting!

What is Scottish Country Dancing?

Well first of all it is not Highland dancing  which is danced solo and often associated with Highland Games. Country dancing is a sociable group activity.  It is danced in “sets”  with partners – but you don’t need to come with  one as the whole ethos is about dancing with each other and moving around the group of friends you make through this wonderfully sociable activity. The dance steps and movements  create interesting patterns and can be slow and  elegant or very lively,  often telling  a story or depicting a scene.  Research has shown it to have many excellent health benefits such as reducing stress, increasing energy, helping coordination and that it is a really good cardiovascular work out, while also increasing flexibility, suppleness and strengthening bones.    As well as this added bonus of  helping increase your fitness levels, possibly one of the most worthwhile benefits is that it lifts your spirits and gives that “feel good” factor which all Scottish country dancers enjoy.

How much does it cost?

Belfast Branch classes cost £50 per year (normally 24 classes), plus an annual subscription of £37 to cover Branch and RSCDS membership and our insurance,  no matter how many classes you join.  A visitor fee of £5 for Society members and £6 for non-members is payable for Branch classes.

For the annual cost of membership and classes see here fees 2022-2023.

Where can I get started?  –  for information about our regular classes  in Belfast and Lisburn areas see our Classes page

Where else can I  find out more about Scottish Country Dancing? 

Belfast Branch is part of the RSCDS which was founded in 1923 to promote the enjoyment of Scottish Country Dancing and preserve this great dancing tradition.   You can find out lots more from their website where you will also find links to branches across the world.

A few facts about Belfast Branch: over 70 years of Scottish Country Dancing in Northern Ireland

In the 1940’s, the Belfast Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS)  was founded to promote Scottish country dancing throughout the city and beyond. Belfast Branch is very active within the Society.

City of Belfast Dance

In celebration of our 60th anniversary one of our members, Lucy Mulholland, a past chairman and now Honorary Vice President, wrote a dance called City of Belfast.

Lucy Mulholland

Lucy Mulholland

This dance became so popular, it is danced all over the world, and has been published by the RSCDS in the 2014 publication of its official dances, Book 48.  This is indeed an honour as only a small number of dances are selected  by the RSCDS after a rigorous selection process.  We are proud of it and of Lucy.



To contact RSCDS Belfast about individual classes, or any other enquiry, please  email the Branch Secretary:  who will put you in touch with the relevant person.